Itex is much like Skynet in the Terminator movies or Global1 in the Bar Code book series or any number of other books and movies. But the only difference it, Itex is real. And it is powerful. Very powerful. They own any number of smaller businesses. That's why most of you probably don't recognize the name "Itex". Itex makes many of the things we use every single day. Computers, cellphones, televisions, music devices like iPods, food, clothing, school supplies, among other things. They run many of the small companies, not like Crayola or Aeropostale or Sony. But the ones most of you haven't even heard of. That's why you don't know who and what Itex is. But I'm here to tell you: ITEX IS REAL! And they are trying to take over the world. We, the kids and teenagers, need to ban together, as I said before, to stop them from taking over the world that WE will inherit some day. Help the flock save the world!
To: undisclosed_recipients
Subject: URGENT!

We want our planet back  Hey. If you got this message, we might havea chance. I mean the world might have a chance. Long story short: The grown-ups have taken a nice clean planet and trashed it for money. Not every grown-up. But a bunch of them, over and over, choose money and profits over clean air and water. It's their way of telling us they don't give a rat's butt about us, the kids who are going to inherit what's left of earth. 

A group of scientists want to take back the planet before it;s too late and stop the pollution. Good, right? Only the problem is they think they need to get rid of half the world's population to do it. So it's like: Save the planet so the pollution doesn't kill people, or... just kill people to start with, save evryone time. For you kids at home, that's called "flawed logic." I mean, call me crazy, but it seems like a really bad plan. 

The other thing about these scientists is that they've tried to create a new kind of human who might survive better, like if there's a nuclear winter or whatever. I won't go into the details, but let me just say that this idea is as boneheaded and dangerous as their "kill half the people" plan. 

What I'm saying is: It's up to us. You and Me. Me and my flock. You and your friends. The kids. We want- we deserve- to inherit a clean, unmessed-up planet, and still keep everyone who's already living on it. 

We can do it. But we have to join together. We have to take chances. Take risks. We have to get active and really do something, instead of just sitting at home plaing Xbox. This isn't a game. We can't defeat the enemy by hitting them with our super laser guns. 

We want our planet back. Kids matter. We're important. Our future is important. 




Kids and teens all over the world. Ban together and help save our planet. How, you might ask? Here's how:

destroy itex. save the world. destroy itex. help the flock.




Evil scientists will end life as we know it and even as we don't know it.
It's called the Re-evolution plan and the by-half plan. The only people left will be perfectly healthy and have usefull skills. Everyone bone up on something useful or go into hiding. If you have the sniffles, crawl under a rock and don't come out.

What would be usefull, you ask? I've made a chart.

USEFULL; plumber, carpenter, boat builder, farmer, sanitaton crew, cattle rancher, Scientist, military, medical personnel

NOT USEFULL; politician, publicist, art history buff, celebrity chef, interior design, pet psychic, celebrity star, teen idol, life coach

this woud be a good time to observe your career goals. Save yourselves, save the people you know. Don't let the whitecoats get you.


it's up to us


Stellah Corp (in england), Dywestra, Mofongo Research, Delany Minker (Prince), Intex, and a bunch of others are all itex under different names in different countries. (And possibly Google, seeing how they run just about half the websites on the internet.)

The School in southern California, The Istitute of higher living 433 E. 31st St. 24th floor NYC, Itexicon in south Florida, Itex main HQ in Lendeheim Germany, The SChool in Westfeild England, Lab in Martinslijn Netherlands, Delaneyminker lab in Woetens Australia, and many more.

Institute for Higher Aeronautics; tel:202-555-5567 Fax:202-555-8799,; Soesterberg Netherlands, Death Valley California U.S.

save the world


Hey kids and teens of the world. adults are destroying our planet. because of it an evil company called itex is going to kill more than half the worlds population so they can have a "perfect earth". the bird kids are trying to save the earth. start protests, find itex headquarters (next post) and raise heck. it's up to us.

Save the world. Destroy Itex. Help the flock. Destroy Itex.